23rd Aug 2018

5 Marketing Channels to Leverage for your B2C Business

If you want your business to grow, you’ll want to use channels that have been proven to drive results.

If you’re a B2C (Business to Consumer) brand, there is no doubt about it that marketing is getting more intricate and expensive for you by the day and a good ROI is getting even more challenging to achieve. Hundreds of companies are vying for the attention of the same audience, and it’s all starting to look like an impossible hit-or-miss game.

If you’re looking for better conversion in terms of customer acquisition, sales, and customer retention, here are 5 marketing channels I’d recommend that you focus on for your B2C business.
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30th Jul 2018

Is YouTube Right For My Business?

YouTube currently has over 1 billion active users who watch up to 6 billion hours of content every day. These stats are impressive, but don’t mean much for your business if they won’t have a measurable impact on your brand’s recognition or revenue.

For the past few years, marketers have encouraged business owners to include YouTube in their list of online marketing channels. Many owners are still unsure about this, which is why only 9% of small businesses have a YouTube channel.

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering if your business has video marketing potential, or if your target audience will be interested in your videos. To decide if YouTube is a potential marketing platform for your business, answer these three questions:

  1. Do you have a target audience?
  2. Is this audience active on social media?
  3. Do they engage with video content?

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19th Jun 2018

How to spot and handle Negative Online Reviews about your Business

Every business owner who sells products or services should expect to find crumbs of reviews and comments on several online platforms. Sadly, they will not always be the good stuff. Your first negative online review will probably leave you in shock, especially if you don’t remember having a bad encounter with any of your clients.

Some customers prefer to keep quiet about their reservations while patronizing your business but will make sure to warn everyone else on the internet to stay clear. Other times, the customer might have a valid reason for the negative review. Business owners can only control business output to a certain level. You will have to delegate some roles and in the hands of your staff, slip-ups could happen. They could be anything from wrong orders to less-than-expected quality.

Regardless of the reason why your client left you a negative review, you must be able to find these reviews and manage them effectively. Research shows that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. This means if not dealt with, your potential customers could be finding negative reviews about your business that discourage them from patronizing you.
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6th Jun 2018

7 things you must know before launching a product

Breaking into any market isn’t as easy as it used to be. For every product you introduce, thousands of other brands have offered the same thing, using different approaches. Your audience has been the target of several launch campaigns, and honestly, they are not eager to have more products pushed on them.

As a business owner, how do you get your potential customers excited about yet another product launch?

It’s no longer enough that you claim innovation, everyone has offered something “new”. You have to get creative. The secret to every successful product launch is the ability to speak to the solution a product provides using creativity as the driver. This is because people only listen when:

  1. They have a problem they are actively seeking a solution for, and
  2. You’re doing something different that either appeals to or shocks them.

A product’s performance in the market is a result of marketing efforts that started way before it was released. Big corporations understand this, which is why they spend a huge part of their marketing budgets for new products on pre-launch efforts.
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