9th Jul 2018

12 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Online Marketing

To create the best crafts, you must use the best tools. This logic heavily applies to online marketing. For the best growth and sales results, you must execute your strategies using the best online marketing tools available to you. These include the extensions used to improve your daily marketing efforts.

What Are Extensions?

Extensions are programs that can be installed on your browser to improve user experience. They are developed by software companies, and each extension has its own functionalities. Depending on the developer, extensions can work on several types of browsers, including Chrome.

To get the best results from your online marketing efforts, here are 12 Chrome extensions you can install and start using today.

12 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Online Marketing

1. Grammarly

As many marketers have established, content is key. Regardless of how valuable your marketing content is, bad grammar can take away from your intended message. People hardly notice good grammar, but bad grammar cannot be ignored.

This extension works by correcting your grammar as you write. You can also write using an offline app, click on the extension to open a blank page, and paste your content there. It will immediately highlight all the errors, and provide suggestions to correct them. I can’t count how many times Grammarly has saved me from making an embarrassing typo in business emails, blog post comments, and even social media posts.

2. Boomerang for Gmail

This extension was specifically designed to help its Gmail users improve on correspondence. With Boomerang, you can set alerts that remind you to send out emails. You can also create an email and schedule it to be sent out automatically at a given time. This is very helpful if you prefer to work at odd hours of the day, and can’t exactly send emails to clients or other business owners at such time. The automated process helps you draft out all the emails you need to send out at once, so you don’t have to go back to your desk every few hours.

You can also request for notifications after a given period if your email has not been answered. This can help to improve your follow-up efforts and get more responses.

3. Pocket

Pocket is by far one of my favourite Chrome extensions. It works as a virtual pocket where you can save links to web pages, articles, social media posts, etc. We often come across information that we want to explore, but might not have the time to. Instead of leaving endless tabs open on your browser, you can simply save these links to Pocket, and come back to them at your convenience.

It also allows you to arrange your link library using tags, which is a vital feature for users who enjoy content discovery and curation.

4. Buffer

Many of us know Buffer as a social media scheduling and tracking software, but when used as an extension, it offers so much more. For starters, using all functionalities becomes a one-click process. You can open the composer on any webpage, without having to go to the website and open your dashboard. It allows you to share an image from any page, without having to save and upload.

It also makes republishing and social integrations a much smoother process.

5. Keywords Everywhere

This extension is essential for business owners who create content for their marketing efforts. It’s a keyword research tool that provides current stats on every keyword you type into your search bar. Whenever you run a Google search, it automatically shows you the monthly search volume, current Cost-per-Click, and competition rate. It also shows similar search terms and their stats.

It can be a useful tool when researching relevant keywords in your industry.

6. Open SEO Stats

Formerly known as PageRank, this tool gives you access to the full SEO details of any web page including Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, Geo IP locations, and so much more.

Beyond evaluating your own web pages, you can also use this tool to learn more about your competition, and the true value of their online presence.

7. SEOquake

Just like Open SEO, this tool also provides key SEO info on any web page. Using real-time data, it runs SEO audits, checks for internal and external data, and compares domains and URLs. All the data collected can also be exported into a file for analytical use.

8. Nimbus

Nimbus is essentially a screenshot app, but for your computer. Instead of using PrintScreen, or opening up your Paint app, you can use the two-step process that Nimbus offers to capture and save your webpage. It also works as a screen recorder and can be used to record any webpage in video format.

You can edit your screenshots and videos before saving by adding comments, icons, and blurring some sections (if needed).

9. OneTab

This extension has a simple but crucial function; organizing your tabs. It works by transforming all open tabs into a one-page list where you can always visit to click on, and open a needed tab. With this extension, you can save up to 95% more memory and keep your browser organized.

10. Eye Dropper

Ever seen a colour on a webpage and wished you could use it for your content? Well, you can. Eye Dropper works exactly as its name implies. It allows you to pick colours from any website and save in your colour history. It also automatically copies the hex code to your clipboard so it can be found on your preferred design tool.

11. BuzzSumo

This extension gives you real-time stats on the performance of any social media post or page. It also shows the most shared content on any website. Content developers use this tool to analyze social performance. The insight provided allows you to identify what content your audience likes and engages with, and what content they pay little attention.

12. GIPHY for Chrome

Believe it or not, there’s a GIF for everything. Using this extension, you can bring life to your content with GIFs that your audience might find relatable or funny. It can be used to attach GIFs on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms with its simple drag and drop feature.

That’s all we’ve got in our toolbox for today, but the learning shouldn’t end here. What are the Chrome extensions that have helped you in your online marketing efforts? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

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